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Juxt A Position

Author’s Note: This is fictitious. It’s wordy and unpolished, a brain dump. This is vulgar and probably hits too close to home for most of us. As cyclists, we constantly place our lives in the hands of complete strangers, many of which could care less about us. At the end of the day, I personally
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Polar Vortex

Working out is tough enough. Working out in freezing temperatures is a recipe for sickness. Get on the trainer and get that sweet sweat on. 26 videos. Almost 2 hours. Enjoy!

Meeker Madoff With The Spoils

First off. You aren’t ready. Go get a fresh cup of coffee and come back. As a mutant teenager, I was a bit of a willful pariah. I knew too much too soon. I watched my peers invest hours upon hours in video games, while I read books–not school books, just books. I jumped about
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As the cold snap grips us all, snap that bike to a trainer and snap your legs off. Can you last 90 minutes? I bet you can with this playlist. Two for Tuesday! – Motorcycle – RATM – Covenant – Smashing Pumpkins – Assemblage 23 – Kosheen – Lorde (we buried her new video for
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High Tech Intervals

Need to do some intervals indoors? So do we, sometimes. Check out our High Tech Interval video playlist for your next indoor interval workout. Twenty minutes of warmup, followed by about 50 minutes of hard-hitting high tech video clips set to Euro tech music. Assemblage 23, Juno Reactor, Rob Zombie, The Crystal Method, Deadmau5, Paul
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CNW Racing Selected To Test Prototype Allergy Water Bottle

We are pleased to announce Chicken & Waffles Racing’s partnership with a popular saline rinse company. Our partnership comes just in time for allergy season. Actually, since all of us live in Austin, allergy season is 11.5 months out of the year.  At present, all members of the CNW Racing squad have been overtaken by
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Dirty Diaper Drill

Chicken & Waffles Racing is a team of seasoned racers. Racing is our lifestyle, but we juggle it with all our other priorities. We’re not just seasoned as racers, we’re seasoned people as well. We’ve seen and experienced a lot of good and bad in our lives. Our website is intended to be a humorous
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Jane Fondo’s Workout Tape

It’s cold & raining outside. We’re not goin’ out there. Our light indoor workout includes listening to some of the greatest comedians of all time, in their younger days. 140 minutes on the trainer will pass by quickly.

Athlete Cliff

Hyperbole and popular rhetoric aside, the Athlete Cliff refers to the confluence of decreased training time and increased racing expenses (as a percentage of FAIL* — Fiscal Average Individual Lot). Just like the Fiscal Cliff, it’s a totally real concept that everyone should fear. See the Athlete Cliff equation for reference, where X is equal
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Roller Coaster

We hate training indoors. But, at our age, sometimes–like today, where it’s 30 degrees outside and raining–the indoor trainer is just the best option. Roller Coaster is a 20-song video playlist we put together to help us past the indoor miles. At almost 2 hours of continuous play, we challenge you to train all the
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