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Dirty Diaper Drill

Dirty Diaper Drill

Chicken & Waffles Racing is a team of seasoned racers. Racing is our lifestyle, but we juggle it with all our other priorities. We’re not just seasoned as racers, we’re seasoned people as well. We’ve seen and experienced a lot of good and bad in our lives.

Our website is intended to be a humorous take on all the things we must go through, all the priorities we must juggle, just to get to the starting line. We aren’t professionals; racing is our hobby…a very passionate hobby.

The intended audience for our website is people like us–people over the age of 35, with kids and a spouse and a career, that still have a drive to train and compete. In essence, our website is intended for adults. Occasionally we will reference videos or content that we’ve seen on the internet that are not appropriate for kids. We feel this content to be inspiring or humorous or maybe just motivational in some way for us, but not appropriate for children.

So, if you see the Dirty Diaper Drill pic on one of our blog posts, then you can assume that there is content there somewhere that we feel isn’t appropriate for children. Our goal is not to offend anyone. We’re adults. Adults swear and view crazy shit sometimes. It’s a balancing act: sometimes we listen to Chris Rock; sometimes we have to do the Dirty Diaper Drill. Enjoy!